Wednesday, May 16, 2012

tonight i had an ice cream party. i served vanilla ice cream and with the option to top with whipcream, blackberries, rasberries, chocolate syrup and the delicious peanut butter cups that i brought from reading terminal. i decided to serve dessert on my mother's antique cut crystal glass, with silver spoons and white linen napkins.  my grandfather spencer lee gettys looved dessert  and loved vanilla ice cream so i added a picture of him for a special touch. karimu abena hamilton

dessert in mommies pretty cut glass

pretty white linen napkins
fresh berries


  1. This is lovely Karimu.. i love holding parties and serving things up beautiful like this.. i am glad you had a nice time xo <3

  2. Very pleasant KARIMU... I will have dessert with you anytime...