Saturday, May 12, 2012

cool natural hair style

pretty simple cornrowed and twist up do

being and raised in harlem by a collective of conservative afrocentrists, i was not aloud to wear a perm or process my hair. we were taugth to love our hair in its natural state and to be proud of its wolly texture as my mother would suggest. now of course as i matured , i began to explore wearing my hair in weaves and wigs, i enjoy the versatility. but there is nothing like finding joy in managing your own natural hair.

i was on my way to Reading Terminal of Philadelphia and ran into Deirdra Church. Dierdra Church works with an organization called Food Trusts as a Projects Assistant. As a Project Assistant she is responsible for bringing nutrtional awareness to food providers or grocery stores in low income communites. Dierdra enjoys her job and wearing her hair natural in simple styles which she says should last for about three weeks.......karimu abena hamilton

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  1. The natural woman is one who knows, loves and accepts herself.