Monday, May 14, 2012

Indian Food One Of My Favorites

i indulged in a delicious lunch today at Tandoor

Tandoor Oven
 Today for lunch I had a delicious meal at Tandoor a local Indian Restaurant located in the heart of Philadelphia's University City. The name Tandoor refers to the ancient traditional clay ovens that are used in India and other eastern parts of the world. It is Cylindrical in form and heat is generated from the Tandoor oven by charcoal or wood. Because clay is a conductor of heat the oven remains hot for long periods of time and allows you to cook larger amounts of food longer.  I enjoy Indian food, it is very similar to dishes prepared in Africa, The Caribbean and even southern regions of the United States.  When eating Indian food your taste buds are going to experience flavors like; cumin,cloves,curry,fennel,bay leaves and paprika to name a few. Today I indulged at the Tandoor buffet and filled my plate with basmati rice, lentils, curry chicken, lamb,  vegetable samosa and a fresh green salad...karimu abena hamilton
Tandoor Oven

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