Friday, May 4, 2012

an awesome piece by stacey flygirrl

The artists of Philadelphia are a patchwork quilt of eclectic treasures from the descriptive murals on the West to the North to Zagar’s magical mosaic garden. The Philadelphian artist is well rounded, multifaceted and tends to explore and perfect on more than one genre of art. Stacey Flygirrl Wilson reflects this artistic Philadelphian nature.An entrepreneur, graphic designer, artist and a promoter of progressive hip-hop music; Stacey Flygirrl Wilson has carved a named for herself that will remain prominent on the Philadelphia scene. k.abena

a graphic piece by stacey flygirrl

Discuss your evolution as an entrepreneur in the music business?

I started out working at a jazz restaurant called Zanzibar Blue then managing a nightclub called Brave New World. So, before I even began to plan and promote my own music events, I was always in the midst of music and its creators. I am friends and acquaintances of many of the music artists in the city, so at the time, I was nurturing those relationships. From there, I began my venture with Squarebiz (myself, ?uestlove + yameen allworld). We created Tastytreats. Which now, is our weekly dance party that now is in its 9th year? Over the years I have produced many concerts, art exhibits and dance parties, all while bringing local and national talent that you weren't getting anywhere else in the city like Q-Tip, Dj Jazzy Jeff, Little Brother, KRS 1, Prince and more. Within the last few years, I expanded to my own company, "Flygirrl". Doing more on my own and venturing into other areas of the culture and to pursue more personal artistic and event based avenues.

Describe some of the qualities that are unique to Philadelphian artist?

i think Philly artists have such soul. Whether it is music, art, dance, we all come from this soulful city it is bound to be felt through our craft. On a negative note, i think most artists in Philly struggle with support. Sometimes, it seems hard to get Philly to care. The arts community doesn't seem as connected or as strong as it seems to be in other cities. And because of that, the struggle gets even harder.

What is your favorite genre of art and why?

I would say Graffiti. It has so many elements in it that encompass different art in one art form. Aside from the various styles that are to be admired, there is also a design element if you look at the bold lines and the balance of how those lines fit within each other. There is always an Illustration feeling to it with great images and characters. It's so expressive you can't help but look as some when you pass it by.

I read that your art -work was featured in Real World MTV-Philadelphia how did that happen?

When we heard that the Real World was going to be in Philly, a friend of mine was pushing me to contact them to get my work on the show. I put if off but eventually had them come view my work at a local gallery and got the gig. I had 6 pieces showcased on the show. Most of which were bought by the producers and crew when the show ended.

What direction do you intend to take your company Flygirrl?

Right now, I’m not sure. I'm at a turning point in my life and making some decisions about what is next. I enjoy doing so many things, it makes it hard to choose. I do know, that whatever i path i choose to take with Flygirrl, it will always be authentic. It will always be fresh. You just have to stay tuned!

The artist that you produce shows for are they your friends and who do you like to work with the most?

Well, I have a broad network. So, although they may not be "friends" most are acquaintances of mine. I’m happy to extend the spotlight to all artists, I just happen to know a lot of them. Building and maintaining relationships are key.


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