Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ms.Tootsie's South Street Hang Out k.abena

keven parker stand prouds at ms.tootsies

place to engage and socialize
written by: karimu abena hamilton
 interview with:keven parker

Keven Parker at best could be defined as a community developer. He was able to transform the stalemated South Street of Philadelphia into a social hot spot where you can engage in great all forms of live entertainment, shop and relax for an overnight visit. Keven Parker is not only a successful businessman but also is committed to giving back to his community. His outreach [programs include training and employment along with having distributed over 30 scholarships to fund the education endeavors of young adults.  He began his entrepreneurial endeavors as a catering company with the intentions of sharing the flavorful Soul food of his child hood. The company has five distinctive components; Simply Delicious Catering, Cafe 3801, Ms. Tootsies Restaurant Bar and Lounge and KDP Lifestyles and Lifestyles and Luxury suites. Keven Parker formed a partnership with his mother whose role ranged from Head Chef to executive counsel. Her guidance and contributions reflect in the southern comfort palate that is served there today. Adjacent to the restaurant he has added to the 2 block radius the KDP Lifestyle and Luxury Suites. This includes Lifestyle and Luxury hotel and a specialty boutique that represents the KDP brand. Philadelphia’s South Street has now been secured as a destination spot which will give tourists and the locals the arts, culture, food and a place to stay……..karimu abena hamilton

delicious okra corn and tomatoes

 1.How do you inspire your staff?

 I lead by example and provide recognition where there is an opportunity.  I also create an environment of ownership where we are all in this together.

 2.When do you know that it's time for change?

 I know it's time for change when things no longer work.

 3.What is one thing that you wish you knew before starting your company?

 I wish I would have known that running the business would be easier than managing the people.  Each person comes with their own unique qualities and opportunities and the key has been learning to adjust and work with both.

 4.How do address conflict in the workplace?

 I address it immediately so that things don't have a chance to fester. I, also, meet with each person individually to give them a chance to get everything out honestly. I, then, bring them back together and work on a resolution.

5.What is your philosophy on making mistakes?

Learn from them and if you're able to do that you are able to find the true value in them.

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